Jill Powell

Esthetician + Advanced Lash Stylist + Makeup Artist

Jill Powell is a Charleston based esthetician and makeup artist with over 10 years of experience. Her work has been featured in Charleston Magazine, A Wonderful Wedding Magazine, Playboy and numerous local fashion prints and ads. In early September, 2012 she was picked among four others to become an Xtreme Lashes trainer and advanced stylist in Houston, TX. Jill trained lash stylists across the nation until early 2015. 


Jill has a mastery of advanced makeup including lifestyle and classic for all mediums and formats. She's professionally trained and is licensed with the South Carolina State Board of Cosmetology in Esthetics and Nail Technology. She's trained with Youngblood Minerals, Bare Minerals, Temptu Airbrush, Benefit Cosmetics, Dermalogica and Jan Marini Skincare. Jill's training and experience creates a unique style accredited only to her and her artistic talent.

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